Here are our tips for the proper care and cleaning of your spa so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and over a long period of time.

It is important to wash it regularly as the volume of water is lower than that of a swimming pool. 

The important items to clean are:

The spa filter: clean 1-2 times a week depending on how often you use the spa. Our tip is to immerse the filter cartridge in a water/white vinegar mixture for a few hours.

The spa drains: clean 1-2 times a week depending on how often you use the spa. 

The inner walls and the bottom of the spa: to clean regularly, you can use a special liner brush and a magic sponge.

For daily water cleaning you can use a net for the surface and a vacuum cleaner suitable for spas for the bottom. During the use of the vacuum cleaner it is important that the filtration is active so that particles and bacteria are retained by the filter.

Before entering the spa, it is imperative that people have taken a shower, that they do not wear sunscreen, deodorant or perfume on their body and that their feet are rinsed off.


It is essential to respect the safety rules regarding the use of our lawnmowers.

1.    Always operate the lawnmower with closed shoes on, the sharp blade can easily injure you.

2.    Never handle the mower blade if it is always on or plugged in.

3.    Never run over the wire with the lawn mower, otherwise the wire will be cut and the lawn mower will be unusable.

4.    Always use the mower with the stonecutter as stones can be thrown very quickly and cause damage to the lawn.

5.    Be careful not to run the mower over toys or rocks as the blade may be damaged.

6.    Avoid running the mower up and down slopes, it is better to run it from left to right to minimize fatigue.

7.    Remember to remove any wet grass that may be stuck to the mower deck wall.

Here are a few practical tips on how to maintain your lawnmower:

- Grease the metal parts so that they are protected against corrosion.

- Sharpen and sharpen the blades from time to time if you see that the cut is no longer as precise.

- Run a little oil on the blades.

Pruning machine:

Tips for cutting:

- Cut all the dead branches as well as those located near windows, electric wires, swimming pools, neighborhoods, etc.

- Cut the branches in the live for a better result.

- Once the cut has been made, do not forget to cover the cut parts with a healing product to preserve the plants.


The pruner must be maintained regularly but especially before and after each use to avoid rust and reduced cutting capacity.

- Clean the air filter

- Check the tightness of the screws

- Adjust the chain tension

- Check the function of the chain brake

- Clean the chain and check that it slides properly.

- Sharpen the chain

- Lubricate the chain guide

- Check the drive sprocket

Air conditioner:

Below are our recommendations and advice on the use of our air conditioners.

First of all, it is better not to have too much difference in temperature between inside and outside. We advise to get as close as possible to 25 degrees since the greater the difference, the more the air conditioner provides an additional effort, which will result in faster wear and tear and higher energy consumption. 

The best would be to maintain a stable temperature throughout the day. If your home is well insulated, the temperature should remain stable. 

Don't forget to turn off your air conditioner to optimize your energy consumption. 

Our advice is to turn it on during the day to cool your home and turn it off at night because the air is cooler at night. When the sun goes down, you can open your windows slightly so that a little cooling wind can make its way into your home.

Also in the morning when you wake up, remember to open all your windows to enjoy the morning coolness.


Remember to check and clean the filters of your air conditioner so that it keeps its efficiency. Dust can quickly clog the filters which will reduce the efficiency of your unit. 

We also recommend to have a complete check-up of your air conditioner once a year by a professional, because apart from the filters to be checked and cleaned, there are also the gas levels that are important. A gas leak will lead to a poor efficiency of your unit and over consumption. uses cookies to manage performance, advertising. By continuing on the site, you accept our policy regarding cookies.